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Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa
(Subclass 494)

What you need to know about the 494 visa!

The new 494 visas of the Australian government provide an opportunity for successful applicants to live, study and work in the nominated regions of Australia. It is provided for local employers to convey their workforce shortages around their region by nominating a skilled workforce when they cannot find an
experienced Australian workforce. Most of the locations in Australia outside the main cities including Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney are considered regional areas for migration purposes. Perth and Gold Coast are classified as regions.

Employer-sponsored stream: This visa allows you to Live, work and study only in designated areas of Australia for 5 years. Traveling from and to Australia for up to 5 years. If eligible, apply for permanent residency three years after your visa is issued.
The cost of this visa starts at AUD 4,240.

Processing times are as follows:

  •  25% of applications in 87.25 Days

  •  50% of applications in 8 Months

  •  75% of applications in12 Months

  •  90% of applications in 15 Months

You shall:

  •  Be enrolled to work in an occupation on the List of relevant skilled occupations

  •  Have at least 3 years of relevant work experience in your enrolled occupation

  •  Having a relevant skills assessment, unless an exception applies

  •  Working just for your sponsor or an affiliated company

  •  Be under age of 45

  •  Meet minimum English language proficiency standards, unless exceptions apply


Labor Agreement stream: This stream is intended for skilled workers employed by employers with a labor agreement. labor agreements are made between the Australian Government and employers.

Subsequent entrant stream:
This visa is for families of (temporary) Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (SESR) visa holders or 494
visa who wish to apply individually for a SESR visa and join Australia's main SESR visa holders. With this
visa, you are allowed to:

  •  Remain in Australia as long as this visa is valid

  •  Up to 5 years of living, working, and studying only in designated areas of Australia

  •  Travel from and to Australia for up to 5 years

The cost of this visa starts at AUD4,240.
Processing times for this visa stream are not available.

If you wish to apply for this visa, please consult with our registered immigration agents to ensure the process is completed correctly and without confusion. Book with us. We also offer free initial assessment.

Workers, granted the 494 visas, are allowed to stay in Australia for 5 years. From the start of the visa issuance, they are allowed to travel to and from Australia as many times as they desire with the benefit of being able to apply for the Permanent Resident (PR) visa from November 16, 2022.
As well as all other visa applications, there are specific requirements you shall meet to be eligible for this visa:

  •  Be nominated to work in a profession included in the relevant skilled occupation list  Having a minimum of three years of work-related experience in the nominated occupation.

  •  Having a relevant skills assessment unless you are exempt

  •  Working for your sponsor or its affiliate companies only, unless you are exempt

  •  Being under the age of 45 unless you are exempt.

  •  Meeting the minimum English language proficiency level


  •  Being nominated by an employer who is approved: You shall be nominated by an employer whose company is legally conducted and approved in Australia. Your employer shall submit a nomination application for you so that you can apply for this visa.

  •  Having work-relevant experience, skills, and qualifications: In case you are a primary visa applicant, you shall prove that you have the essential and relevant experience, skills, and qualifications for the designated occupation. You must have worked full- time in the designated occupation for a minimum of three years and have reached the qualification level required for this occupation. Generally speaking, you shall have obtained your experience in the last five years. The period may not necessarily be continuous. Equivalent part-time work may be considered by the government.

  •  Having an acceptable skills assessment: Your skills should have been assessed as suitable and acceptable for this nominated profession by the relevant assessing authorities. This assessment shows the government that you are qualified for this nominated occupation. You shall take up the skills assessment before your application. Specific exceptions can apply. Please consult with our migration team for more information.

  •  Working for your sponsor only: You shall only work in the nominated occupation and only for your employer in the designated region. Otherwise, your visa may be cancelled.

  •  Being under the age of 45: At the time of applying for this visa, you shall be under the age of 45. Specific exceptions may apply. Please consult with our migration team for more information.

  •  Having the acceptable English language proficiency level: You shall have the minimum English language competency to be eligible for this visa. To prove your English proficiency level, you shall obtain the scores mentioned in these English language tests or shall be a citizen and a passport holder of the following countries:

  1.  The United Kingdom

  2.  The United States

  3.  Canada

  4.  New Zealand

  5.  The Republic of Ireland

If you are outside Australia while your visa is issued, you should start your employment within 90 days of
entering the country or within 90 days of the visa issuance date if you are in the country.
There are other requirements such as health and character which may apply to your application.

Book an Online or Face to Face Consultation Session with Nasrin!

Including your family

With this visa, you are allowed to include your family members while applying and bring them in case of eligibility.
You can:

  •  Submit your family members’ information and documents while applying for your visa

  •  Adding a dependent child after you apply but before any decisions are made on your visa


Family members applying for this visa shall meet the Australian health and character requirements.
In case your partner or dependent child is not included in your visa application, you shall indicate the reason. For instance, they already hold an Australian permanent residence (PR) visa.

Where you apply from
You can be inside or outside of Australia, but you are not allowed in the immigration clearance while you are applying, and they are deciding on your application. If you apply in Australia, you shall have a substantive visa, a subclass 010 Bridging A visa, a subclass 020 Bridging B visa, or a subclass 030 Bridging C visa. Other than that, your application will be invalid.

Processing times of this visa

  •  75% of applications within 3 months

  •  90% of applications within 4 months

See the Australian Citizenship Requirements list, for current eligibility criteria.
See the Global visa and Australian Citizenship processing times list for application processing times.

Outside travel
While your visa is valid, you can travel to and from Australia as many times as you desire, but the time you spend out of Australia will not extend your visa.

Visa label
The government will link your visa to your passport digitally upon successful application. No physical label on the passport will be provided.
Please note that the Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa or a 494 visa replaced the 187 Visa.

Permanent Resident (PR) Visa

This visa provides a route to apply for a Permanent Resident (PR) Visa. With a permanent residency (PR) visa, you can:

  •  Stay in Australia permanently

  •  Work and study in Australia

  •  Join Medicare or Australia's public healthcare system

  •  Sponsor your relatives and bring them to Australia

  •  Travelling to and from Australia for up to 5 years

  •  Apply for Australian citizenship if eligible

To apply for a Permanent Resident (PR) Visa (Regional Skills) (Subclass 191), you must have been an eligible visa holder of 491 or 494 for at least three years and have taxable income equal to or higher than the Income Threshold ($53,900/year) for at least three years. All applicants must meet the requirements and be eligible for this visa.

SkillSelect Authorization – Skilled Employer Sponsor Regional Visa (Subclass 494)
A 494 visa grants a temporary resident visa for you valid for five years.

You and your eligible family members are allowed to:

  •  Remaining in Australia for five years

  •  Live, study and work in the nominated regions of Australia

  •  Travel to and from Australia as many times as you desire while your visa is valid

  •  Apply for permanent residency with a Permanent Resident (PR) (Regional Skills) Visa (or a 191visa)

  •  Enroll in Medicare

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