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Australia’s Migration System through the Draft Core Skills Occupations List 2024

In collaboration with Jobs and Skills Australia, the Australian Government has launched a comprehensive Migration Strategy to revamp the migration framework. Central to this strategy is creating a strong Core Skills Occupations List (CSOL) for 2024, carefully designed to match Australia's changing workforce needs accurately. The draft CSOL is now open for feedback, welcoming input from stakeholders, businesses, migrant workers, and job seekers.


Stakeholders can offer feedback on three lists of skilled occupations:

  • Confident On List – JSA is confident these occupations should be on the CSOL

  • Confident Off List – JSA suggests these occupations should be off the CSOL

  • Targeted for consultation – for these occupations, JSA is particularly interested in labor market surveys, independent research, recruitment experiences, and the views of job seekers.                                      

Several occupations were added to the draft CSOL, including AI specialists, data scientists, General Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Renewable Energy Engineers, and Digital Marketing Strategists. This selection aims to address evolving economic and workforce demands, ensuring Australia's future competitiveness and sustainability.

To participate in the consultation process for the draft CSOL 2024, stakeholders are encouraged to engage until the deadline on Friday, 10 May 2024, at 5.00 pm AEST. As of April 23, 2024, the submission deadline has been extended to 31 May 2024.

Participation can be via completing an online survey, providing detailed responses, or engaging in bilateral discussions through the official submission portal. This inclusive approach ensures diverse perspectives are considered, enhancing the quality of feedback.

The draft Core Skills Occupations List (CSOL) 2024 is important for improving Australia’s skilled migration system to meet both current and future workforce needs. The government wants input from industry stakeholders to create policies that solve immediate skill shortages and set the stage for a strong economic future.

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