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485 visa or Temporary Graduate Visa Australia

The 485 Graduate Visa Australia is a significant opportunity for international students looking to extend their stay in the country after completing their studies. This type of visa has four different streams, each catering to specific circumstances:

  1. Graduate Work Stream

  2. Post-Study Work Stream

  3. Second Post-Study Work Stream

  4. Replacement Stream

Depending on the stream of the temporary graduate visa you apply for, the duration of your stay and your visa costs can vary.

Eligibility for the temporary graduate visa includes several conditions:

  • Age under 50

  • Completion of an eligible CRICOS-registered course

  • Meeting additional requirements specific to the chosen stream

  • Checking the essential eligibility list on the home affairs department website

  • Having held a student visa in the last six months

  • Nominating one of the streams, as changing visa streams after application is not possible.

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Regarding English proficiency requirements for a temporary graduate visa Australia, applicants can either submit a valid passport from Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, or the Republic of Ireland, or provide proof of English proficiency. To do this, please prove that you have achieved the following in the last three years:

  • Cambridge C1 Advanced test: Minimum total score of 169 and  a minimum score of at least 154 in each of the parts (listening, speaking, writing, and reading)

The Australian government has implemented changes to the Temporary Graduate Visa Australia, which came into effect on 1 July 2023. Here is what you need to know:

Changes to Graduate Work stream:

1. Occupation Nomination: The 485 Graduate Visa Australia - Graduate Work stream now requires a nominated occupation from the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. (Note: this was not required for visa applications lodged between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023)

2. Skills Assessment: You must have submitted a provisional skills assessment in the nominated occupation at the time of application for the 485 Graduate Visa Australia - Graduate Work stream.

3. Cost: The Visa application charge increased to AUD1,895.00 for a single applicant.

Graduate Visa

Changes to Post-Study stream

1. Extended Visa for Select Degrees: International students who have degrees in health, teaching, engineering, or agriculture will have access to extended subclass 485 Graduate Visa Australia from 1 July 2023. However, the qualifications must be on the prescribed list.

  • The post-study work rights for select Bachelor degrees will be extended from two years to four years.

  • The post-study work rights for select Masters degrees will be extended from three years to five years.

  • The post-study work rights for all Doctoral degrees will be extended from four years to six years.

The full list of eligible courses for extended post-study work rights can be found in the following link: Extended Post-Study Work Rights Courses

Doctoral degree holders are not restricted to the eligible qualifications list. All Doctoral Degree graduates will be granted a Temporary Graduate Visa Australia for six years.

Annually, targeted skills will be taken into account and adjusted as necessary in response to the demands of the labour market.

The aim is to ensure that upcoming changes to the list of qualifications will not have a negative effect on students who have commenced a qualifying course of study that is later removed from the list. Students who successfully complete a qualification that was eligible either at the commencement of their studies, at the conclusion of their studies, or at both times, will qualify for the extension.

2. Current Post-Study stream Visa holders with Select Degrees: If you currently possess a post-study work visa and qualify for the extra 2-year period based on select degree criteria, you can submit a new visa application. Individuals holding a qualifying degree are only entitled to receive the additional 2-year extension on one occasion, and any subsequent attempts for an extension will be considered invalid.

3. Up to Additional Two Years for Regional Study: This extended visa for select degrees will not affect eligibility to apply for the Post-Study Work Stream for graduates who have studied, worked, and lived in a regional area.

If you studied in regional Australia and are an applicant in the Replacement or Post-Study Work streams, you will be granted the Second Post-Study Work stream for one to four years if you meet other eligibility criteria. Before submitting an application for the second Temporary Graduate visa in Australia under the post-study work stream, it is required to have resided in a qualifying designated regional area for a minimum duration of 2 years.

The following table offers information outlining the residency and educational criteria for the second visa under the post-study work stream for Temporary Graduate Visa Australia applicants.


Please review this information thoroughly, and don't hesitate to contact us for assistance with your 485 Graduate Visa Australia or Temporary Graduate Visa Australia application.

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