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Global Talent visa or 858 visa

This is a permanent visa for individuals who have an internationally valid record of remarkable and exceptional achievements in an eligible field.

With this visa, you are allowed to:

  • live permanently in Australia

  • work and study in Australia

  • Enroll in Medicare, Australia's public healthcare system

  • sponsor relatives to come to Australia

  • travel inside and outside of Australia for five years

  • Apply for Australian Citizenship in case of eligibility

Residents who arrived recently may need to wait before accessing specific Australian government profits and payments.

For this visa you must:

  • be in or out of Australia while applying for and granting this visa but have not gone through immigration clearances

  • have a record of remarkable and exceptional internationally valid achievements in one of the following areas:

  1. Profession

  2. Sports

  3. Arts

  4. Science and Research

 have a nationally reputable nominator in the field of your talent who is:

  1. Australian Citizen,

  2. Australian Permanent Resident,

  3. Eligible New Zealand Citizen, or

  4. Australian Organization



With this visa, you can remain and live in Australia permanently.


The cost of this visa starts at AUD4,305.

Processing times (Global for Talent Path)

  • 25% of applications about 65 days

  • 50% of applications about 81 Days

  • 75% of applications about 4 Months

  • 90% of applications about 6 Months


Applications will be reviewed case by case. Actual processing times may vary depending on individual circumstances such as:

  1. If you are invited to apply for this visa using the Global Talent Pathway

  2. If you have submitted the Distinguished Talent Pathway application

  3. If you have submitted a complete application containing all the required supporting documents

  4. The amount of time taken to respond to requests for additional information

  5. The amount of time taken to complete the required validation of submitted supporting information

  6. The amount of time taken to obtain additional information from external agencies regarding health, character, and national security requirements

  7. Number of locations available in the migration program



Visa pathways

Targeting the brightest and the best global talents the Global Talent Visa Program contains two visa pathways:

  1. Global Talent Pathway

  2. Distinguished Talent Pathway

The updated Global Talent Path is intended for highly qualified applicants with an internationally valid record of exceptional and remarkable performance in their preferred areas. Applicants shall submit an Expression of Interest or EOI and receive their invitation to apply through this route.

The priority areas of the Global Talent Pathway are:

  • Resources

  • Agri-food and AgTech

  • Energy

  • Health industries

  • Defense, advanced manufacturing, and space

  • Circular economy

  • Digitech

  • Infrastructure and tourism

  • Financial services and FinTech

  • Education.

 The Distinguished Talent Path is open to highly talented applicants with internationally valid and remarkable achievements in business, sports, arts, science, or, other areas of research.

We will accompany you and your employer through this application process. Complete the online evaluation form to see if you can be sponsored by your employer.

How long you can stay

With this visa, you are allowed to stay in Australia permanently. You will become a permanent resident on the day the visa is issued for you.

If you aim for citizenship, your permanent residency initiates on the day:

  1. The visa is granted if you are in Australia

  2. You enter Australia with this visa in case you are outside Australia


Include your family

You can include members of your family unit while applying. You can also add family members to your application at any time before decisions are made on your application.

If you are younger than 18 years of age, you may include:

  1. One Parent

  2. Member of the parent's family unit

Any family member applying for this visa shall also meet health and character requirements.


The main applicant visa fee is AUD 4,305. There is an additional charge for each family member applying for this visa with you.

Use the Visa Price Calculator to find out the cost of your visa. Estimates do not take into account second installments or other costs.

If you do not pay the visa application fee completely, your application cannot be processed. You will be notified of this and, if necessary, your application form will be returned.

Applicants age 18 or older who do not have sufficient English competency level may need to pay an additional fee. This fee is called the second installment payment.

For the second installment AUD, 4,890 should be paid.

The Visa Pricing Estimator does not include second installments or other costs. You may also need to pay other fees such as medical exams, criminal records, and biometrics.

Your obligations

You and your family shall obey all Australian laws.

It is expected that you contribute to Australia in your area of expertise.


You can travel inside and outside of Australia for five years from the date your visa is granted. After five years, you will need a Returning Resident (RRV) visa (subclass 155 or 157) to enter Australia again as a permanent resident.

Visa label

The visa will be linked to your passport digitally. You won’t receive a visa label on your passport.


 Be of benefit to the Australian community

Your contribution to the Australian community may be:

  1. economic

  2. social

  3. cultural

  4. To improve Australia's international ranking in academics, arts, and sport

You shall serve the nation as a whole.


Have the ability to support yourself in Australia

You must prove you can find work in your field or prove you can be self-employed in your field in Australia.

Internationally Recognized with a Certificate of Achievements

you shall be recognized internationally and prove your achievements in:

  1. Professions

  2. Sports

  3. Arts

  4. Science and Research

Your achievements must be remarkable and outstanding. This means:

  1. Standing out in your field

  2. Having skills superior to others in your field

  3. Considered exceptional in all countries where your field is practiced

  4. Have a record of achievements that is unlikely to decline in near future

You should also participate in an area that:

  1.  Is recognized, valid and accepted in Australia

  2. has international reputation

Currently, you shall be outstanding in this field.

Be nominated

To apply for this visa, you must be nominated or approved. Your nominator shall have a nationally valid reputation in the same field as you and must:

  1. Be an Australian Citizen

  2. Be an Australian Permanent Resident

  3. Be an Eligible Citizen of New Zealand

  4. Be an Australian Organization.

Where appropriate, your nomination should be from a main Australian organization or group in your field.


A completed Global Talent Nomination (Form 1000) shall be submitted with your application to apply for a valid Global Talent Visa. If you do not complete Form 1000, your application cannot be processed anymore and you will have to start the application process again.

Nominators cannot be added or changed after the visa application has been lodged.

If you are validated by the Prime Minister's Special Envoy or the Minister or Director in Charge of National Security, no nominator is required and you do not need to include Form 1000 with your application. Instead, you must submit proper validation or support.


Be this age

You can apply for this visa regardless of your age.

If you are under 18 or over 55 at the time of your application, you must have made an outstanding contribution to the Australian community. Evidence may include the following matters, but is not limited to them:

  • Career Planning Statement while settling in Australia

  • Employment or Offer of Employment in Australia

  • Service Agreements or Business Agreements in Australia

  • Proposal Material or Business Planning Documents for Australia

  • Grants Related to Proposed Research in Australia

  • Memberships or appointments to industry advisory boards or Australian regulatory bodies.

Have this visa

If you are out of Australia at the time of your application, you do not need to hold a certain visa to apply. If you are inside Australia at the time of application, you need to have one of the visas below:

  1. a substantive visa

  2. Bridging visa A (BVA)- or subclass 010

  3. Bridging visa B (BVB) – or subclass 020

  4. Bridging visa C (BVC)– or subclass 030

If your current or last substantive visa was one of the following:

    Skilled work regional provisional visa or 491 visa

    Skilled employer sponsor regional provisional or 494 visa

You should have held this visa for at least three years at the time of application.

Have a practical level of English

Applicants who are 18 or older while applying, must demonstrate at least a practical level of English. If you do not have practical knowledge of English, you will have to pay a second installment of the visa application fee.

meet health requirements

You and any family members that are applying for this visa with you shall meet health requirements.

The family members that are not entering Australia with you might also need to meet the health requirements.

Meet character requirements

You and your family members of the age of 16 or older applying for this visa shall meet the character requirements.

Family members not coming to Australia with you shall also meet the character requirements.

paid off all debts to the Australian government

You or your family members (considering the ones who did not apply for the visa with you) cannot owe any money to the Australian Government. All debts owed to the Australian Government shall be paid.

Sign the Australian Declaration of Values

If you are 18 or older, you:

  1. Should have read, or had been explained, the living in Australia booklet and

  2. confirm you will comply with the Australian way of life and obey Australian laws when you sign an Australian values statement.

Never had a visa canceled or a previous application rejected

If your visa has been canceled or rejected in Australia, you may not be eligible for this visa. You need to check if visa cancellation affects your eligibility.

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Required Documents:

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