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Migration Advice

Improvements in living standards are an essential measure that migrants are definitely seeking to achieve. Realizing and considering the superior quality of life is the first step to fulfilling the desire when many finally decide to move. Regarding immigration to Australia, having a stable, booming economy and a vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere are two of the many distinct advantages over other countries. However, moving to a new country and immigration laws have always been a complex and lengthy process; undoubtedly, positive outcomes and the likelihood of visa application success are due mainly to developing effective strategies and making the best plan.

For expert Migration Advice Australia, turn to Australian Portal Immigration (API). Having limited knowledge and not paying meticulous attention to migration law details will waste countless money and time. We offer Free Migration Advice Australia to employers and applicants that have financial difficulties. At Australian Portal Immigration (API), our mission is to offer Migration Counselling and advisory services to visa applicants, breaking down the process into easy-to-follow steps. From the beginning to the end, our responsible, friendly, and professional experts, who understand the ins and outs of immigration laws, try to make the way toward a stress-free experience.

We will guide you from your initial consultation to the grant of your permanent residency in Australia. Australian Portal Immigration (API) is committed to assisting you in creating your migration strategy and making it happen. During the consultation, we will provide advice that caters to your circumstances. Your migration goals will be discussed to conclude clear and concise guidance for your visa application process.

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Who can give migration advice?

Getting immigration assistance and professional help and using a registered migration agent's up-to-date knowledge and experience in immigration law and procedure, such as Free Migration Advice Australia or Migration Advice Australia has a highly beneficial effect on preparing and submitting a visa application for the best chance of success. Registered migration agents give invaluable and proper advice, act within the law and your interests, and protect your privacy. A registered migration agent assists you in applying for a visa by:


  • Clarifying the type of visa which suits the requirements of the applicants

  • Suggesting the best visa option for you

  • Preparing documents for your visa application

  • Being in touch with the Department of Home Affairs to discuss your case

  • Preparing and submitting a visa application for you

  • Keeping you informed on how the application is progressing

  • Keeping track of any immigration law changes that may affect the application

  • Representing you in, or preparing for, matters before a review tribunal concerning a visa matter.

Registered migration agents' work can make the visa application process more accessible for the Department to evaluate your application. However, a registered migration agent does not guarantee that the Department of Home Affairs will process your visa application or visa grant faster.

Australian Portal Immigration (API) has a reputation for honesty and decency. API honestly makes detailed recommendations for visa options, provides migration Counselling, and accurate information about the chances of getting a visa and, more importantly, protects your interest and privacy.

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Essential Advice on Immigrating to a New Country in General

Decided to go abroad? Well, considering many issues before moving is necessary, and some are as follows:

1. Looking for the best countries to work in based on your abilities, work experience, and education field

2. Considering the cost of living in a foreign country, you are immigrating

3. Figuring out a type of visa and its requirements

4. In case of having children, deciding and searching on international or local schools

5. Preparing and knowing what to pack

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