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Are you willing to be sponsored by your Australian employer?

Are you an Australian employer who wants to nominate an overseas workforce?

In this webinar Nasrin will talk about Different Employer Sponsored Visa Types

Employer Sponsored Visa
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There are many employer sponsorship visas and choosing the correct visa subclass for both the sponsoring company and the individual is essential.
The range of these visas are from training visa to Permanent Resident(PR) visa

employer sponsorship visa

Employer Sponsorship Visa Eligibility

Australian working visa aims to fill the work and vocational shortages in Australia and provide an opportunity for employers to find a workforce they cannot find locally. You and the employer shall both meet specific criteria for employer sponsorship eligibility. Depending on:  

  • Employer location, transaction history, the real need for filling the position vacancy

  • List of workforce shortage for positions, nominated positions, and proposed salaries

  • The applicant’s work-related qualifications and experiences

  • The applicant’s age and English language proficiency level


What are the benefits of applying for an Employer Sponsored PR Visa?

It offers several benefits, including permanent residency in Australia, access to Medicare, eligibility for Australian citizenship, and the opportunity to work and live in Australia indefinitely.

How long does it take to process an Employer Sponsored PR Visa application?

Processing times can vary depending on several factors. Generally, it can take several months to process an application, considering the assessment of your qualifications, health checks, and other factors.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Employer Sponsored PR Visa?

The eligibility requirements include having an employer willing to sponsor you, meeting the skill and English language requirements, and satisfying health and character criteria.

What is the cost involved in applying for an Employer Sponsored PR Visa?

Applying for an Employer Sponsored PR Visa involves visa application fees, skills assessments, health examinations, English language tests, and other costs. Check the Department of Home Affairs website for current fees.

We will accompany you and your employer through this application process. Complete the online evaluation form to see if you can be sponsored by your employer.

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