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Australian Portal Immigration | auportal, Immigration to Australia
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Your Best Gateway to Australia Immigration

Have you been dreaming of immigrating to Australia to pursue your goals? Well, immigrating, working and living in Australia is a dream come true on condition that you seek and receive assistance from an experienced migration agent to accompany you from the very first stage as you plan. At Australian Portal Immigration (API), the expert migration consultants provide a unique opportunity to make and monitor progress in your visa application to immigrate successfully and show the best gateway to Australia immigration you’ve been dreaming of achieving.

Australian Portal Immigration (API) is an immigration agency and consulting company that has gained an outstanding reputation and record in Australia. Our company provides immigration information and advice services for eligible migrants to advance their plans and lead applicants to greater professional and personal fulfilment. Our professional team, including a highly experienced OMARA registered agent, intensely focuses on our clients’ needs and requirements to provide immigration assistance and ensure complete satisfaction. Australian Portal Immigration (API), using the vast knowledge and experience of our experts in migration procedures, can assist with visa applications or other visa matters. We set a high value on customer service and try our best to find effective ways to help you with your visa application. If you wish to migrate to Australia, there is no better option than consulting with a migration agent, and Australian Portal Immigration (API) can make a valuable contribution to your achievements.


Our program, as one of the most trustworthy and leading immigration consulting companies in Australia, aims to give valuable tips and expert guidance on the immigration process. We offer practical, detailed advice about visa choice that is the right option for your needs and explain the eligibility criteria and things you need to arrange, including assessments, English language tests, and documents. Being involved and working as a migration agent for 12 years with highly experienced and knowledgeable staff members has distinguished our function in smoothing the way for our clients.

Australian Portal Immigration (API), Registered Migration Agent
Our Services

Australian Portal Immigration Services

State Sponsorship

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to determine the available states/territories for your nominated occupation and the requirements.

Review and Appeals

Our Registered Migration Agents have extensive experience representing our clients at the AAT with a high success rate.


We can assess your Australian citizenship eligibility and help you with preparing the documents and lodging the application.

Migration Advice

At API, we will guide you from your initial consultation through to the grant of your permanent residency in Australia.  We are committed to assisting you in creating your migration strategy and making it happen.

Skills Assessment

We have proudly helped hundreds of applicants to get a positive skills assessment outcome from VETASSESS, TRA, Engineers Australia, ACS, CPA, ACECQA and other assessing authorities.

Employers Enquiry

At API, we help you sponsor or nominate foreign national employees for positions that cannot be filled by an Australian worker.

Why Migrate to Australia?

Why migrate to Australia?

Among the top destinations in the world, Australia can be considered a unique place to immigrate. Australia is a peaceful and prosperous place to live and work. It is well known for its spectacular scenery and beautiful natural landscapes. Besides its beautiful nature, Australia is
an expat’s dreamland due to many reasons, including:

  •  High living standard

  •  Stable and great opportunities in the job market

  •  Respect for individuality, freedom and dignity

  •  Freedom of religion, speech and association

  •  Democratic nature of society

  •  Visa varieties (temporary or permanent)

  •  Diverse population

  •  Successful multicultural society

  •  Equal opportunities for all people

  •  The laid-back lifestyle and sociable people

Australia is a fantastic place to immigrate without question, but thoroughly reviewing all major immigration points is highly significant as an expat. Considering the proper visa and requirements to meet your needs, figuring out the cost of living, and checking out employment resources that can help you find a great job are regarded as essential for migrants.

Immigration Agency, Contact us to consult about any visa queries.

Customer Service

Australian Portal Immigration (API) justifiably claims to have a high level of client satisfaction. The credit goes to the assistance and advice provided by our prepared proficient team at each step of the visa preparation. We offer visa arrangements to migrants from all over the world, and through our online website and platform, our customer service is the same way as those we meet face to face. The successful, positive outcome of our visa applications and visa matters is definite proof of why clients trust and depend on Australian Portal Immigration (API).

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