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Visa 189 or Skilled Independent Visa

We will accompany you and your employer through this application process. Complete the online evaluation form to see if you can be sponsored by your employer.

Australia is very open to business and requires skilled immigrants. This is obvious according to many invitations they have sent recently.

For the migration program of 2022-23, a large number of invitations have been sent so far; in August 2022 (12,200 invitations), October 2022 (11,71 invitations), and in December 2022 a surprising number of 35,000 invitations.

 Applicants require at least 65 points to earn an invitation for the December 2022 round. The most popular careers, for instance, accountants, civil engineers, and computer network engineers need to earn 85 points.

Applicants with the highest ranking will be invited to apply for the 189 visas first, and applicants with equal scores will be invited in the order of the time they achieved their scores on the EOI.


To be eligible for a subclass 189 visa, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Ensure that your job is on the list of mid and long-term skilled jobs

  • Achieve a passing score on the test of skilled migration

  • You should be between 18 to 44 years old

  • Receive a positive skills assessment from the related authorities

  • You should have English competency or higher

  • Meet the health and character requirements

  • You should submit your EOI and being invited to apply for this visa


189 Visa step-by-step:

  1. Apply for the skills assessment

  2. Submit your EOI

  3. Achieve English language requirements

  4. Wait for your invitation

  5. Apply for the visa


Passing points

The minimum point for submitting your EOI is 65 points currently. However, the more points you achieve, the better your application will be and the more likely you receive an invite. Some careers require a much higher passing score and not all professions are invited to all rounds.

How to earn more points?

To increase your points and maximize your chances of being invited we recommend considering the followings:

  • Your partner shall have a proficiency assessment in an occupation that is also on the same list of skilled occupations as you, the primary applicant

  • Your partner shall meet the English requirements for extra points

  • Get your native language accredited by NAATI

  • Achieve work experience in Australia

  • Work on improving your English


Skill assessment and English test results

Skills assessments are valid for 3 years unless exceptions are stated and results in English are valid for 3 years. It is essential to ensure that your English proficiency test and results are valid at the time you receive your invitation.


EOI or Expression of Interest

As soon as you complete your EOI, it will be saved in Skill Select and will be valid for two years. After this time, you shall submit a new EOI.


189 visa cost

Current state application fees start at A$4,240. This depends on the number of dependents listed on your application and their ages.


Do I apply in Australia or abroad? Am I allowed to include my family members in this application?

You can apply either out or inside Australia and you can include dependents such as a spouse/partner and your dependent children.

What happens when I submit the visa application?

 Once your 189 visa application is assigned to a case worker, a background check will be performed, and requested information such as employment, language, and qualifications will be evaluated before making any decisions regarding your application.

Please note that the clerk may deny your visa application without requesting additional information or documentation. Therefore, it is important to provide all relevant documents when submitting your application.


Terms and Conditions

when you receive your Permanent Residency with this visa, you are able to:

  • Live and work in Australia indefinitely

  • Study in Australia

  • Register in Medicare, Australia's health-related care and expenses

  • Access specific payments of social security

  • Apply for Australian citizenship when you meet the residency requirements


Becoming an Australian citizen

After a certain period of time, you may be able to obtain Australian citizenship.

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