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2023-24 Tasmanian Skilled Migration State Nomination Program Update

As the global landscape changes, so do the opportunities for skilled migration. For many individuals seeking to make Tasmania their new home, it is vital for those aiming to settle in the region. With the 2023-24 program in full swing, recent announcements from Migration Tasmania provide valuable insights into the current situation and prospects for prospective migrants. Let's explore these updates and provide guidance for navigating the complexities of this esteemed migration program.

Closure of Registrations of Interest (ROI)

One of the foremost updates from Migration Tasmania is the closure of Registrations of Interest (ROI) for the 2023-24 program year. As of June 2024, the program is no longer accepting new ROIs, signaling a temporary halt in the intake of fresh applications. This closure underscores the importance of timing and preparedness for individuals considering Tasmania as their destination of choice.

Invitations and Application Submissions

For those fortunate enough to have received an invitation to submit an application for nomination, the window of opportunity remains open until the invitation expiry date. However, it's essential for invitees to act swiftly, as no further invitations will be issued during the current program year. This emphasizes the need for diligence and efficiency in the application process to maximize the chances of success.

Limited Nomination Places

Migration Tasmania has shared important information about the limited number of nomination places left for the rest of the 2023-24 program year. As there are only a few spots available, the competition for these sought-after positions is intense. Consequently, not all applicants will be able to secure nominations during this period. This underscores the significance of careful planning and persistence in the application process.

Future Nomination Allocations

Once all nomination places are taken, Migration Tasmania has assured applicants that any approved applications will be nominated in the subsequent program year. This assurance offers hope for those whose applications are still under consideration, emphasizing the long-term perspective required in the migration journey.

Continued Consideration for ROIs

For ROIs that have been allocated a green or gold pass, Migration Tasmania has confirmed that they will be retained in the Application Gateway for consideration in the next program year. This retention ensures that promising applicants are not overlooked and have the opportunity to be invited when the 2024-25 program opens. It underscores the importance of resilience and patience in the face of evolving migration policies and procedures.


The recent updates from Migration Tasmania show how the opportunities for skilled migration to Tasmania are changing. As the 2023-24 program year unfolds, it's crucial for those interested in settling in Tasmania to stay informed. The closure of Registrations of Interest means that timing is key for new applicants. With only a few nomination places left, competition is tough, and not everyone will get nominated this year. However, there's hope for those still in the running, as Migration Tasmania promises to consider them for future programs. Navigating this migration process requires careful planning, resilience, and patience. By staying updated and thinking long-term, hopeful migrants can increase their chances of success in calling Tasmania home.



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