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Trade Recognition Australia (TRA)- Automotive Occupations Assessments

Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) is an organization appointed by the Australian Government to assess and recognize the skills of tradespeople seeking to migrate under skilled visa categories. TRA evaluates whether overseas skills and qualifications in trades align with Australian standards. Recently, TRA made significant changes to its assessment processes for automotive occupations, specifically impacting applicants from certain countries. These adjustments, announced by OMARA (Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority) on June 13, 2024, involve removing OSAP (Offshore Skills Assessment Program) requirements for selected applicants. OSAP is designed for skilled workers seeking migration to Australia, focusing on assessing overseas qualifications for skilled migration purposes.

Previously, TRA mandated OSAP assessments for individuals from specific countries seeking recognition in automotive occupations. However, effective from April 1, 2023, qualified applicants now have the option to undergo assessment under the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) program. This alternative is not only less complex but also more cost-effective, aligning with TRA's commitment to streamline processes and ensure consistency in skills assessment.

The decision to remove OSAP requirements stems from consultations with representatives from the automotive industry and a desire for uniformity in qualification standards across different countries. TRA identified countries with comparable qualification frameworks to Australia, thus allowing applicants from these nations to opt for the MSA pathway.

Occupations and Countries of passport in scope for this change are below.



Automotive Electrician [321111]


Motor Mechanic (General) [321211]


Panel beater [324111]

Sri Lanka

Vehicle Painter [324311]

United Kingdom

Diesel Mechanic [321212]


Chinese applicants applying for the Panel beater occupation must still undergo assessment under OSAP, as per the specified country and occupation combinations outlined in the Migration (IMMI 18/039: Mandatory Skills Assessment—Subclass 482 Visa) Instrument 2018.

In conclusion, the recent changes implemented by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) reflect a proactive approach to enhancing efficiency and accessibility in the assessment processes for automotive occupations. By removing OSAP requirements for select applicants and offering the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) program as an alternative, TRA aims to simplify procedures and ensure consistency in evaluating overseas qualifications against Australian standards. This adjustment, effective from April 1, 2023, underscores TRA's commitment to facilitating smoother pathways for skilled workers seeking migration to Australia, while also aligning with industry feedback and international qualification frameworks. As TRA continues to refine its assessment protocols, these changes are poised to benefit both applicants and stakeholders in the automotive sector by fostering clearer pathways to skilled migration.


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