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Trades Careers in WA and Government Incentives

This webinar is about the Construction Visa Subsidy Program (CVSP)! You will Learn how this program supports employers and skilled migrants in the Western Australian construction industry. You’ll Discover how you can receive grant payments of up to $10,000 to offset expenses such as migration agent fees, visa application fees, and relocation costs. We will also discuss in-demand construction and trades occupations in Western Australia and available courses for those looking to work and migrate permanently to Australia. This subsidy is available for skilled migrants granted Subclass 190 or 491 visas through the WA State Nominated Migration Program. Overseas migrants will get $10,000 and onshore applicants will receive $5000. It is because of the relocation costs for the overseas applicants. To claim this subsidy, you must find a relevant job after your visa is granted. This Subsidy is also available to WA employers who have a headquarter in WA and undertake commercial or residential building and construction work in WA. If they sponsor an overseas employee for any of visa subclasses - 482, 494 or 186, they can claim 10,000 dollars in 3 milestones. They can claim the first payment when they express their interest in sponsoring an employee, even if they do not have a potential applicant for the position. The Construction Migration office has introduced a Skilled Migration job connect program that has removed barriers and connected newly arrived migrants to employment in WA. If you are already in WA or you wish to move from interstate or overseas, I suggest you register in the job connect program. We will share the link with you in comment: The State Government has also invested $4.25m on Jon Connect subsidy program which commenced on 1 July 2023. Let’s say you are residing in WA on a valid working visa, actively seeking for a job relevant to your formal overseas qualification, but you could not find or you are working in an occupation at a lower skill level. You can register in Job Connect website, if you cannot find a relevant job in 6 months, you can have access to this subsidy, which is up to $7500. The Job Connect Subsidy program aims to provide financial assistance so you can access approved services such as licensing, registration and skills assessments for employment purposes. This is for all applicants not only the construction workers. But if your qualification and skills are relevant to construction, you can have access to both Job Connect Subsidy Program and Construction Visa Subsidy program. You may be eligible to apply for a visa if you have a qualification or work experience in a construction field. Some of these occupations don’t even require a formal qualification for the skills assessment for migration purposes. For example, a Cabinetmaker from Brazil with 5 years full-time work experience and no formal qualification can get a positive skills assessment and start the visa process if they have enough points or an employer to sponsor them for a visa. On the other hand, there are some occupations that you can apply for a visa with only having a relevant qualification and no work experience. For instance, civil Engineer, or draftsperson or Electrical engineering draftsperson. There are some courses that you can study in Australia which are highly demanded, and you can extend your stay by applying for a graduate visa, a general skilled visa or an employer-sponsored visa. For example, if you study Advanced diploma of construction design for two years, you can apply for a skills assessment as soon as your course is completed. This skills assessment can be used to lodge a graduate visa and submit an EOI for the GSM visa. If you study this course in a regional area like Perth, upon completion, you have even more points to claim for a GSM visa. WA graduates with a Construction occupations are in the state’s priority to be invited for a SC 190 and 491 visa. And the good news is that, there is no fee for the state sponsorship in WA same as the last financial year. We also had another change in WA state nomination requirement, which is the removal of the 6-month contract for subclass 190 applications for construction occupations. It means even if you are invited by the state under the general stream, you don’t need to have a job offer or contract with a WA business. WA government has invested over $40m into international education in WA and a further $13m in scholarships. As a student you can have access to a range of supports by “study Perth” such as job finding and free legal or counselling services. Perth has a regional city status, which makes it even more attractive to international students. If you choose to study a higher degree, you will also have at least one year extension on your graduate visa.

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