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Victoria's Skilled Visa Nomination Program 2023-2024: What You Need to Know


Victoria's Skilled Visa Nomination Program is a pathway for skilled workers seeking to live and work in Victoria, Australia. This program targets professionals in high-demand sectors such as healthcare, engineering, hospitality, information and technology, teaching, construction, and finance. However, there's important news for prospective applicants the program has stopped accepting new applications starting  April 23, 2024.


Two Main visa options:

  • Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190): This grants permanent residency in Victoria, requiring a nomination from the state government.

  • Skilled Work Regional Visa (Subclass 491): If you prefer rural areas, this visa leads to permanent residency, needing nomination or sponsorship by a relative in a regional area.

Why the Change?

The Skilled Visa Nomination Program in Victoria underwent significant changes from the previous year to the current one, leading to the closure of new applications. What you need to know? Let's delve into the reasons behind this development and the key changes from the previous program to the current one.


Visa Places

In the 2023-2024 program, there were 2,700 places allocated for the Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190) and 600 places for the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 491). Fortunately, these numbers remained consistent with the previous program, offering opportunities for skilled migrants.


Applicant Consideration

Unlike the previous program that primarily considered onshore applicants, the new program welcomes both onshore and offshore applicants. This expansion of eligibility criteria opens doors for skilled professionals outside Australia to pursue opportunities in Victoria.



The program's approach to occupations saw a notable shift. While the old program prioritized specific occupations for nomination, the new program encompasses all skilled occupations listed by the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA). This inclusive approach aims to address skill shortages comprehensively, aligning with evolving industry needs.


Registration of Interest (ROI)

The ROI process remains a crucial step in the program. Applicants who previously submitted an ROI for the 190 visa are not required to reapply unless their circumstances have changed. On the other hand, applicants for the 491 visa must submit a new ROI for the current program year.


Selection Criteria

Selection criteria for ROIs have been maintained, emphasizing factors such as age, English proficiency, job experience, education, partner's skills (if applicable), and salary (for onshore candidates). These criteria ensure a holistic assessment of applicants' suitability for Victorian visa nomination.


Industry Priorities

Both programs prioritize key industries such as healthcare, education, technology, manufacturing, and renewable energy. However, hospitality and tourism receive specific emphasis under the 491 visa in the new program, reflecting strategic industry focus areas.


Despite the program's closure to new applications, the changes introduced underscore Victoria's commitment to attracting and retaining skilled talent, contributing to the state's economic growth and development.

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