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A Guide To The Far North Queensland DAMA

Far North Queensland Designated Area Migration Agreement (FNQ DAMA) is a customized plan that allows skilled workers from other countries to get work visas for specific jobs in Far North Queensland. It's a joint effort involving the Australian government, local employers, and others to make sure the region has enough workers with the right skills.




More Job Options:  Offers a wider range of jobs that can get visa support, covering different industries in Far North Queensland.


Easier Visa Process: It makes the visa process simpler and faster for skilled workers who want to work in the region.


Extra Benefits: Workers might get perks like fewer visa requirements, longer visa durations, and other bonuses.


Helping the Region: By filling job gaps, FNQ DAMA helps businesses grow and makes the region stronger economically.




  •   Gain access to the skilled workers they require.

  •  Have flexibility in hiring for particular roles.

  •   Improve their ability to meet job demands in critical industries.




  •  Opportunity to work and live in Far North Queensland.

  • Chance to apply for permanent residency in Australia.

  •   Career growth in industries covered by FNQ DAMA.


This is FNQ DAMA’s way to bring in skilled workers, boost local businesses, and make Far North Queensland a great place to work and live.




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