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Draft International Education and Strategic Framework

Australia's International Education Sector has long been recognized for its excellence worldwide. However, as global education landscapes and economic needs evolve, it is crucial to adapt to ensure the sector's continued success and integrity. In response to these changes, the Australian government has introduced a Draft International Education and Skills Strategic Framework, demonstrating a commitment to balancing growth with quality.

At its core, the Strategic Framework aims to foster collaboration between the government and the education sector. By setting a path for cooperation, it seeks to optimize the benefits international education brings to Australia's economy, communities, and, most importantly, the students. This collaborative approach acknowledges the shared responsibility of all stakeholders in nurturing a vibrant and sustainable international education ecosystem.

It intends to introduce revisions to the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act). These revisions will empower the government to:

1.       Regulate the intake of new enrolments at educational institutions, including specific courses and locations, to manage capacity effectively.

2.       Address persistent quality and integrity concerns by regulating the delivery of courses identified as problematic.

3.       Streamline course offerings to better align with Australia's evolving skills requirements by scrutinizing and potentially restricting courses deemed of limited value.

The draft framework aligns with recent changes in the student visa system introduced by the Department of Home Affairs as part of the broader Migration Strategy. This alignment underscores the holistic approach taken by the government to streamline policies and regulations across different domains, thereby ensuring coherence and effectiveness in achieving overarching objectives.

As the consultation process unfolds, it's essential for all stakeholders to actively participate and contribute their insights. The finalization of the Strategic Framework will mark a significant milestone in shaping the future of Australia's international education sector. By embracing innovation, fostering collaboration, and upholding the highest standards of quality and integrity, Australia can continue to be a global leader in providing world-class education opportunities.

Draft International Education and Skills Strategic Framework has been released to guide collaboration between the government and the education sector. It aims to ensure that international education continues to benefit Australia's economy, communities, and students. The final version will be out later in 2024 after consultation with key stakeholders. These changes complement recent student visa adjustments under the Migration Strategy. The Department of Home Affairs will track visa application rates during the consultation. Enrolment activity in 2024 will influence provider enrolment levels for 2025, as the Minister can limit visa grants per year.

By providing a plan for working together and making changes to regulations, the framework wants to help the sector grow while making sure that it stays high-quality and honest. During the consultation, people involved have a chance to have their say and influence how international education in Australia will look in the future, making sure it stays excellent for a long time.

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