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Federal Court and Tribunal Fees Increases Effective July 1, 2024

In a recent development, the Australian government has announced adjustments to application fees for various Federal Courts and Tribunals, set to take effect from July 1, 2024. These fee increases impact individuals and entities involved in legal proceedings, particularly those related to migration decisions under the Migration Act 1958.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal Fee Adjustments

For reviews of migration decisions under Part 5 of the Migration Act 1958, the application fee will rise to $3496 from the current $3374. This fee applies unless a 50% reduction is granted, in which case the reduced fee will be $1748.

Similarly, for reviews of protection visa decisions under Part 7 of the Migration Act 1958, the fee will increase to $2151, up from $2076. It's important to note that this fee generally applies if the application is unsuccessful.

Federal Circuit Court Application Fees

The fees for filing an application with the Federal Circuit Court for a migration decision will also see adjustments. The full fee for such applications will be $3920, an increase from $3785. However, if a registrar or authorized officer determines eligibility for a reduced fee under s 2.06A, the fee will be $1960, up from $1890.

These fee increases, published in the Gazette, reflect the government's ongoing commitment to ensuring the financial sustainability of the judicial system while maintaining access to justice. The adjustments are designed to cover operational costs associated with processing applications and conducting reviews in these specialized areas of law.

Legal practitioners, applicants, and stakeholders involved in migration-related proceedings should take note of these changes, which will come into effect in just a few days. Understanding the fee structure is crucial for planning and budgeting purposes, particularly for those who may be eligible for fee reductions based on specified criteria.

As these changes come into force, individuals and organizations are advised to seek guidance from legal experts or refer to official sources for precise information on the updated fee structure and any related implications tailored to their unique situations.

These fee adjustments underscore the importance of staying informed about regulatory changes that impact legal proceedings, ensuring that access to justice remains fair and equitable for all parties involved.




The forthcoming fee increases for Federal Courts and Tribunals, effective July 1, 2024, mark a significant adjustment in the cost of accessing justice in migration-related matters. These changes highlight the ongoing efforts to balance fiscal responsibility with the imperative of maintaining accessible legal avenues for all stakeholders involved in the Australian judicial system.


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