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Legislative Updates: Migration Stack Update

The migration landscape is continuously evolving, with new updates and legislative instruments being introduced to ensure the system's efficiency and compliance with current policies. On May 10, 2024, a new Migration Stack update was released. This update encompasses several key procedural instructions that members and immigration professionals should review thoroughly before advising clients and lodging applications.

Here are some brief relevant changes:


1. Detention Health: Women’s and Family Health

This procedural instruction emphasizes the health and well-being of women and families in detention. It likely includes updated guidelines and standards for healthcare services, ensuring that the specific needs of women and families are adequately addressed.


2. Regulations 5.41A and 5.41B Surcharges

The updates to Regulations 5.41A and 5.41B introduce or modify surcharges associated with certain visa applications or services. These regulations are critical as they can affect the cost structure for clients applying for visas.


3. Sponsorship Compliance Framework: Immigration Inspector Powers

Changes to the Sponsorship Compliance Framework enhance the powers of immigration inspectors. This may involve stricter compliance checks and increased authority for inspectors to enforce sponsorship obligations. Members should be aware of these changes to advise sponsors accurately and ensure that they are fully compliant with the updated regulations.


4. Visa Condition 8607 – Approved Work Only

Visa Condition 8607 specifies that visa holders can only work in approved roles. The recent updates could include changes to the types of work that are approved or new compliance requirements.


5. Visa Condition 8608 – Approved Work Only

Similar to Condition 8607, Visa Condition 8608 restricts work to approved roles but may apply to a different category of visa holders or work types. The updates may refine or expand the definition of approved work, impacting visa holders' employment options.


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