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Expression of Interest (EOI), Your Gateway to the Australian Skilled Migration Visa

Updated: Jan 29

An Expression of Interest, more commonly known as an EOI, is your first stride on the pathway to acquiring an Australian skilled migration visa. This formal submission, as defined by the Australian government, is essentially your declaration of intent to apply for a skilled migration visa.

General Skilled Migration Visa

Your EOI is not just a formality but a crucial determinant of your visa application's success. The EOI is valid for a period of 24 months, during which you'll need to have another valid Australian visa if you are an onshore applicant. It's more than just a statement - it's an opportunity to showcase why you're an ideal candidate for migration, with a focus on your skills, qualifications, and potential contribution to Australia's workforce.

What's more, the EOI submission is intricately tied to a points-based system. The points you accumulate based on selection criteria such as age, English language proficiency, skilled employment, and education, among others, greatly influence your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for a visa. You must score at least 65 points for a General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa to be able to submit your EOI.

One of the key elements of the EOI process is the invitation to apply. The Australian State and Territory Governments issue these invitations to apply for a skilled migration visa based on their current needs and skill shortages. The types of visas you can apply for, post receiving an invitation, include the Skilled-Independent (Subclass 189), Skilled-Nominated (Subclass 190), and Skilled Regional visas (Subclass 491).

However, navigating the intricacies of the EOI process can be overwhelming, which is why employing the services of a migration agent is highly recommended. A skilled migration agent will offer clear advice, help you submit an EOI with correct claimed points, and guide you through the visa application process post receiving the invitation.

Remember, a well-crafted EOI can significantly boost your chances of receiving an invitation to lodge your visa application. A simple mistake in an Expression of Interest (EOI) can greatly impact your migration plan because your EOI score is a crucial factor in receiving an invitation to apply for a visa. For example, incorrectly claiming points for work experience or qualifications can lead to a discrepancy between your indicative and assessed scores. This discrepancy could result in your visa application being refused, given that your assessed score must meet or exceed both the score stated in the invitation and the required score for the visa category you were invited to apply for.

Furthermore, please note that you cannot amend your EOI when your receive ab invitation to lodge a visa or submit a state nomination application. Making a mistake in your EOI may result in submitting another EOI with correct information, which not only wastes time but also could result in losing your opportunity to apply if your invitation lapses.

To avoid these pitfalls, it's essential to keep your EOI up-to-date and accurate, and consider seeking professional advice when applying for it. This can help ensure that your EOI accurately reflects your skills, qualifications, and potential contributions to Australia's workforce, thereby enhancing your chances of successfully migrating to Australia.

With the right guidance and preparation, your Australian dream can soon become a reality.

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